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Cocktail Making

A great gift idea for someone who loves to mix up a drink at home.

Whether it’s a refreshing Mojito or a sophisticated Martini,
we have the top cocktail making kits worth buying to brush up on your mixology.

We think making cocktails is fun! So we want to take cocktail making to a new level with innovative kits, utensils and bar equipment such as shakers, mixing pitchers, bar caddies and soda syphons. See the latest offering from brands such as Final Touch and Molecule-R. We also have essential supplies such as mixing spoons and drinks muddlers that make great value gifts for someone who is a wannabe bartending professional. There is an art to making a good quality cocktail.

It’s easy to just whack the ingredients into a mixer and shake it. That’s not going to make you the drink you desire though. It might taste a bit like what you want, but it won’t be top quality. Sure cocktail making is fun, but there’s no fun if the drink doesn’t taste just how you want after you’ve mixed it. It should be fun to make the cocktail and it should be fun to drink it too. That’s why we provide an amazing collection of cocktail kits, cocktail mixers, bar caddies, soda syphons and mixing spoons. It becomes a lot easier to make sure that your cocktail tastes just right when you have the right gear to make sure you have the details right. With our selection of R-Evolution cocktail making kits you will be making cocktails worthy of a high-end bar.
... Enabling you to indulge in some molecular mixology you will be able to transform your cocktail making by using scientific levels of accuracy. You’ll taste the difference when you drink one of your R-Evolution cocktails and it will, excuse the pun, revolutionise the way you make cocktails forever. With everything from straight-up kits to a cookbook, our molecular mixology kits will turn you into the champion bartender of all your friends. We also have a wide array of cocktail shakers so that when you have finally made your perfect cocktail you can mix it to finish off all of the hard work you have put in. We have mixers with recipes on the side, so you can try out as many different cocktails as time allows, mixers and strainers in case you make a cocktail that requires straining at the end. The different types, all of the highest quality, gives you such a large choice that you will always be able to mix your drinks perfectly. We have fruit keg tapping kits so that you can just buy large pieces of juicy fruits and tap them to get the juice on the inside. It gives you the ability to add a freshness to your cocktails and to make sure that the fruity flavours come to the forefront of your drink. It’s also a wonderful trick you can show to your friends to impress them as you take the juice directly from a watermelon with no need for slicing or squeezing. It is an amazing piece of kit that will add an extra dimension to your cocktail making. We also have a wide array of wall-mounted bar caddies and optics. These are essential to your cocktail making endeavours as they allow you to add measured shots to your alcoholic cocktails without having to worry about taking the time to measure them in a cup. These optics take all of the human error and time-consuming problems out of alcohol measurement. Not only does it mean you can create better cocktails but it also allows you to look even more professional. With these top-quality bar caddies and optics, your house will become the best bar in town as your cocktail making skills improve Mojito by Mojito. We have some brilliant mixing spoons and muddlers too that you can either buy for yourself to keep improving your skills or even just give as a gift to one of your wannabe bartender friends. If you’re a lover of cocktails then our cocktail making section is perfect for you, we have everything you might need to create the best cocktails known to man. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

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