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Wine Racks

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If you have a keen interest in wine, then there’s a good chance that you like to keep more than one bottle. A wine rack has been used throughout history by wine collectors and bartenders to not only store the wine efficiently but to also show off a wine collection or even add some visual character to traditional homes or drinking establishments.

CKB LTD’s a growing range of wine racks include stackable and modular types that can be connected together to make larger designs and attractive wall mounted wine racks that are easy to install to create spectacular wine displays.
Being a wine collector is an expensive, time consuming and space devouring hobby. It doesn’t take long before your bank balance is utterly decimated, your social life is all but gone and you have had to put your sofa in the garden to save as much room as possible. There are a number of ways to remedy this problem. The traditional way to get around this is to have a wine cellar. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a possibility. We don’t all have the money to be able to buy a house with a wine cellar built-in, and we certainly don’t all have the money to be able to add one to our house. Sometimes you just have to accept that you’re not cut out to have an extensive wine collection. Or do you? You see there is another solution, you can utilise the unused space on your walls and under your counters and add wine racks to them. It just so happens that we have an amazing and constantly growing selection of wine racks to help give you the opportunity to indulge your hobby.

If you have acres and acres of wall space then we have wine racks to give you what you need. With both eighteen and twenty-four bottle models, there is no way you will have to worry about running out of storage for your wines. All you have to do is fix them up and you can get back to showing off the fantastic bottles you’ve amassed. If you have some serious wall space you can even link the wine racks together to create a super wine rack, that way you can really submerge yourself into your hobby. If you don’t have the wall space it’s no problem either, we have some awesome under the counter racks too. All you have to do is fix it to your counter and you are all ready. They even have space for you to keep your glasses safe too, so when you have a wine-drinking emergency, like if your best friend has just been dumped, all you have to do is go right to your rack, open the bottle and you’re good to go. Our wine racks really do provide you with everything you need to be a wine connoisseur, well almost everything you need. That’s where our wine tags come in. When you’ve put your bottles on the rack, it’s sometimes hard to see which bottle is which. It’s at times like that when you need something to give you a reminder of what you have stored. These wine tags just go over the neck of the bottle, you write the name and you’ll never have to wonder where you put that special bottle again. You don’t even need to worry about finding a pen for them either, because they come with a dry wipe pen so you can use them over and over again until you finally run out of wine to put a label on. If you’re a wine collector then our wine rack section is right up your alley, make sure that your wines are organised and ready for instant use right here!

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