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Inflatable wedge loungers ideal for outdoor use such as festivals and relaxing on the beach or can be used indoors as a video games chair.

Simple to blow up and use when needed it can be a better option than having extra permanent solutions laying around taking up space in the garden or in the house.
Furniture is both essential and annoying. Without it, you would be sitting down on a rock hard floor all day. Giving yourself nothing but pain in the posterior. Of course, with it, you take up 79% of the floor space of your house. It’s expensive too. Furniture stores seem to have perpetual sales, but the price of things never seems to go down. Added to this, unless you own a country manor you rarely have enough floor space to have both furniture and a way to move around your house. Well, unless you utilise a complex system of ropes in the ceiling anyway. What can you do then? It’s not just in the house that furniture is a problem though. When you’re at the beach and you want to chill out, it’s really difficult to bring a bed with you. Or a sofa. It’s just not possible to carry the furniture to an outdoor location. At least not regularly anyway. What about when you go on a picnic? Lugging a futon along the field is difficult enough without carrying a picnic basket too. What are you going to do? Don’t worry. Us here at CKB have the solution for you. Our inflatable loungers mean that you don’t have to worry ever again about excess furniture. If you like your floor space, but still like to have friends round to yours, then our wicked wedges are just what you need. Just keep your floor space clear when it’s just you and the family, and when your friends come round bust out the wedges and you have a great selection of places for them to chill out.

Chill out wedges have a long mat to layout on and a triangular wedge at the back to give you great lumbar support, they are as comfortable as they are great looking. Then once your friends are gone you can deflate them, pack them away and you have all of your floors back. They work great as a video game chair too. You can keep it constantly inflated and you can game away all night, just make sure you don’t fall asleep. When it comes to beaches, they’re perfect for that too. They keep the sand off your legs as well as giving you the most comfortable sit down you have ever had at the beach. Don’t forget picnics. When you’re enjoying the multitude of food you’ve brought with you, you can lie back and marvel at how full you are without having to worry you’ll bang your head. The triangular wedge will support you perfectly, while you endo your belt to cater for your expanding waistline. No matter what you decided to use these inflatable marvels for, they will never let you down.

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