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Funky school bags

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Check out our new exciting range of spaceship themed toddler bags and animal backpacks for kids.

Ideal for children ranging from 2 to 10 they are a great fun way to get them involved in carrying and looking after their possessions and start developing a sense of responsibility.
The fun backpack designs we stock will be the talk of the school playground with a funky cartoon coloured mushrooms or cute ladybirds bug designs. Perfect for carrying a packed lunch or favourite toy that has to go everywhere and will help develop that all-important routine for starting kindergarten, nursery or preschool and the adjustable padded straps allow the bags to be used by anyone. Lots of colour and character designs to choose from and like all product sold on CKB Ltd we offer free UK Shipping.

Toddlers are a special animal. They’re old enough to have their own opinions on things but too young for those opinions to be formed on logic and experience. Listening is an alien concept. They don’t want to do what they should and anywhere they go it takes a huge cargo of all of the things they require. There is a way to solve that problem though. All you need is a toddler backpack. You can get everything that you need into these bags, and the best part is you can make your toddlers carry it as well. Our toddler backpacks are perfect for carrying everything you might need when you go out for the day. They’re not just useful for that either though when they start nursery they will need a bag to carry their sandwiches, toys and nappy changing equipment. Coming in all manner of exciting, funky designs these backpacks will make your toddler the coolest kid on the playground. They will always want to go to nursery if it means that they get to wear these backpacks. Coming in many different colours, our designs are unique and interesting. We have everything from cats to tigers, ladybirds to bees, rocketships, frogs or bears.

No matter what kind of things that your toddler is into we have got something that will allow them to discover their true interests. Each of our backpacks comes with a soft outer, to make sure that your toddler won’t be hurt by hard parts. The straps are soft too. You won’t have to worry about them digging into and cutting your toddler’s arms. There is even a strap that you can put around your toddler’s waist to make sure that they have extra support. The different compartments mean that you can easily store many different things in there like sunscreen, sunglasses and anything else that might be important for your toddler.

Next time you decide to go out for the day, one of our backpacks will be perfect to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. Treat your toddler to the perfect gift, our backpacks will make sure they are happy whenever they go out.

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