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Glassware for Whisky, Rum, Gin and more

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CKB Ltd has so many wonderful drinking glasses available now.

Check out the amazing range of glassware for popular alcoholic drinks such as whisky, rum and gin.
We also have unique glassware such as brandy snifters and complete cocktail drinking sets. Popular brands such as Final Touch and Dartington are all available with Free UK Despatch. Cocktails are guaranteed to liven your party up. Giving you the delights of alcohol with the wonderful tastes of fruit, you can’t get better than a delicious cocktail when your party is looking like faltering. Of course, if you’re not the party type a relaxing glass of spirits will always help you to calm down after a tough day at the office. Fortunately, we have an amazing collection of both cocktail and spirit glasses to help you enjoy your drink to the maximum. We have mason glasses with the recipe to make your drink perfectly. Our spirit glasses offer everything from traditional whisky glasses to more modern glasses that allow the aroma to spread more. We have highball glasses for those times you want a nice refreshing tall one. We have collections so you can drink your favourite drink in every conceivable fashion. We have shot glasses for when you just feel like throwing some back. We have a fantastic collection of novelty glasses for if you fancy something quirky when you have your drink. We even have mixers so you can make your own perfect cocktails.

Our selection of whisky glasses is second to none. If you like your whisky in a simple, traditional glass we have exactly what you want. Our traditional whisky glasses are all perfect for a relaxing drink. If you want something that allows you to really sample the aroma then our glasses with rolling rocks really let the pungent smell of the whisky escape from the glass. If you’re of a higher class then we have you covered too. Our wonderful whisky decanters will make sure that you can serve your whisky the way the most refined gentleman would. Your guests will always be impressed when you bring out your whisky in one of our beautiful decanters. If you like your drinks tall and refreshing then our wonderful highball glasses will let you make the most refreshing tall drink you can think of. If you’re into quirky glasses then our novelty glasses will make sure that you spend the night laughing as much as you do drinking. We have everything you could ever want. We have miniature boot-shaped shot glasses, a fantastic set of pool shot glasses that are set into pool balls, pipes for you to sip your brandy from and even a huge 550ml copper barrel to create your concoctions in. Every kind of novelty glass you might want we have in stock just for you.

If you’re a fan of any particular drink we have a wide variety of sets that are perfect to supply you with every different type of glass to drink your favoured drink. Take our gin drinking gift set, for example, coming with three different glasses for you to enjoy your gin in three different ways. Each one offering a different experience every time. Our shot glasses aren’t just of the novelty variety either, we have some wonderful shot glasses that will let you take the evening down a rocky road whenever you’re in the mood. Just whip out one your set of shot glasses and the evening becomes a big one. We don’t just have the glasses for you to drink your cocktails in though. We have a fine selection of mixers for you to create your cocktails in, from shakers to stirrers no matter how you want your drink made we have something for you. We even have muddlers if you need to crush your ingredients. However you take your drink, we have something for you, no matter whether you’re a spirit drinker or a cocktail drinker a quick look through our selection of glasses will help you to find exactly what you need.

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