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The great outdoors. The best place for when you want to really feel at one with the world.

Unfortunately, the UK doesn’t really give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as much as you would like.
The weather isn’t the best. Sure we all love summer, it’s our favourite day of the year. That’s not really enough for you to enjoy it to it’s fullest though. That’s why when the sun does make a rare appearance you really have to make the most of it. You have to get out there and really take the bull by the horns. Not literally, of course, farmers don’t like it when you do that. That’s why we have the best selection of outdoor equipment to help you really enjoy your summer.

We stock some amazing outdoor exercise equipment so you can get your pump on while you’re enjoying the summer sun. We have all of the best barbecue equipment and cutlery so you can get the best barbecue out of all your friends on the go. We have toddler rucksacks for those unplanned trips to the country. We have towels and sunglasses. Garden ornaments and decorations. We even have inflatable loungers for when you want to just chill out in your garden, a field or even the beach. Our wonderful range of resistance bands ensures that no matter where you are you can get a work out in. Just get the resistance bands out, find a decent spot and you can work out without any hassles at all. We have everything from powerlifting bands to mobility improving bands to CrossFit bands. No matter what your exercise of choice, we have got something to help you keep up your exercise routine no matter where you are. If you’re more of a barbecue fan than an exercise fan we have you covered too. You could be both, it doesn’t matter. We have a wonderful selection of barbecue skewers to make sure that you can cook up a storm when you get it on the go. It’s not just the cooking you have to worry about when you’re hosting a barbecue though, what about knives and forks? Don’t worry about it, we have a great selection of outdoor cutlery, perfect for you to really get at that steak you bought because it was on offer. We even have devices to keep pests away from food when you eat! It doesn’t end there though, our toddler rucksacks are perfect for when you want to get out for the day but don’t have anywhere to keep some of the things you need. What’s the point of having kids if you don’t put them to work? More seriously though, these toddler rucksacks are amazing to store all the books and toys and sunscreen and spare drinks that you need when you take a toddler out for the day. We also have a wide selection of sunglasses for toddlers so you won’t have to worry about them damaging their eyes while you’re out. You don’t have to worry about carrying out a military operation anymore, just keep your toddler’s bag stocked up and you’ll always be ready for an impromptu day out.

Our beach towels come in a number of different styles. From traditional, standard beach towels to novelty towels we have something for everyone. No matter what you want from your towel, we have got you covered. How about if you have green fingers? We have plenty of things to make your garden look just that little bit better. We have outdoor thermometers, wooden bat houses and even squirrel nests! No matter what you might want to make your garden more welcoming we have something for you. No matter what it is you need for your outdoor excursions this summer, CKB has what you need to make it a good one. Do yourself a favour and before you make your summer plans, stock up at CKB, today!

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