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Great value functional fitness accessories

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Functional fitness products include strong heavy-duty Resistance Bands to improve workouts and help with assisted pull-ups.

Resistance bands are a great aid in improving mobility which is very important if you want to stay injury-free and have a great range of motion when working out.
Gifts Tomorrow Fitness accessories are ideal for home use or to take to the gym with you.

Gyms and personal trainers, check out our great bulk discount when you buy in bulk from us!

Exercising is an important part of living a full life. If you want to enjoy the occasional glass of wine now and then. Or partake in a barbecue or three over the summer months. Anything where you might be treating your body less kind than you should, then you’re going to need to make sure you exercise enough to keep it in tip-top shape. It’s not always easy though, gym memberships are so expensive, you don’t always have the time to get over there and exercise equipment always seems to take up so much space. There are always genuine reasons why it is so difficult to get in the amount of exercise you need and not all of them are excuses. How are you going to get over these obstacles though? That’s where our amazing range of resistance bands comes to the rescue.

We have resistance bands for any type of training you might want to undertake. If you’re struggling with your ankles, hips and glutes then we have the resistance band for you. Perfect to help you rehab an injury or just to generally keep up your flexibility, then our mini loop is exactly what you need to keep you nice and supple. If you’re trying to improve your mobility then we have a resistance band for that too. So next time you need to get yourself ready for those fast feet moves, be it a fight or just trying to improve your speed over the ground then our mobility resistance bands will make you the fastest mover this side of a cheetah. What about if you’re trying to increase your strength? Our powerlifting resistance bands will have you improving your best lift in no time at all. Whether you’re just trying to increase your strength or enter a competition, these resistance bands will help you achieve your goals faster than you ever could have imagined. If you’re a CrossFit fanatic, then we have a resistance band for that too. Giving you extra resistance while you work your body into submission you will really feel the burn when you undertake your exercises with these resistance bands. We even have bands to help you add resistance to your pull-ups. So when you’re hanging off that pull-up bar without putting in any effort because your body weight is nothing to you anymore. These resistance bands will add a new dimension to your pull-ups, you will gain a new level of workout from these bands.

We also have a great set of eight different types of resistance bands for if you use different variations in your workouts. No matter what your fitness regimen these wonderful resistance bands will make sure that you can carry out your workout no matter what the situation. They hardly take up any space, they don’t have a monthly payment attached and you can use them almost anywhere. The CKB resistance bands are better than the gym in almost every way. Next time you’re thinking about adding to your monthly bill with a gym membership, don’t do it. These resistance bands will make sure that you are in the absolute best condition possible without breaking the bank.

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