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Wine Decanters

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Decanting wine has been part of the process to serve wine for countless years. There have been many reasons why to do it. Ranging from ensuring the clarity of the wine once removed from the bottle too because it just looks more proper. No matter what the reason to decant your wine, you need to have a good quality decanter to do it properly.

Wine is like a child, if you treat it properly it will grow into something to be proud of, but if you mistreat it, it’s just going to disappoint you. That’s why we have our amazing selection of decanters to make sure that you never mistreat your wine. We have wonderful aerating decanters if you like your wine to be full and fruity before you drink it. We have carafes if you prefer a more traditional method of decanting your wine. We even have some amazing novelty decanters if you prefer a more modern decanter. We have a selection of wine tasting decanters. Also, check out our oversized glass that doubles up as a decanter.
As well as all of this we have a brush available as well to make sure that you can clean all of your decanters thoroughly. If you enjoy red wine then our selection of aerating decanters will make sure that you enjoy them to the absolute limit. Aerating is a process of infusing the wine with oxygen while it is being decanted. It ensures that the rich flavours and full aromas of the wine come to the fore and make your wine hit heights of taste it never could have hit before. Our aerating decanters all utilise a method of aeration that makes the wine travel as far as possible around the curves of the decanter to make sure that as much air as possible hits it. This gives the wine the same effect as being left to hair for hours. The final result is a wine that tastes much more expensive than it originally was.

If you prefer a more traditional vessel then our carafes will allow you to decant your wine simply and easily. While it won’t provide the instant oxygen effect of an aerating decanter, it does allow you to keep the sediment in the bottle. This means the wine you serve is clear and crisp without any bits in it. Not only does the carafe mean you serve up clear wine, but it looks absolutely amazing and adds a touch of class to any dinner party. If those aren’t your bag then our novelty decanters really do look fantastic as well as doing their job to the highest level.

CKB LTD has everything from a Mexican skull decanter to a globe decanter too. These decanters will give you all of the benefits of using a carafe but with a modern twist. Your friends will be incredibly impressed when they see you bring out your skull decanter full of your best wine at your next dinner party. All you have to do is serve it up and watch their jaws drop. If you like to drink your wine alone we have a wonderful jumbo glass that doubles as a decanter too. Just decant your wine into your glass and you can sit there and drink your wine all to yourself over the course of the night. It’s also important to make sure you clean your decanter after use. Don’t worry though, we have some amazing brushes to help you keep your decanters in tip-top condition. The long brush allows you to get right down those hard to reach places and make sure that your decanter is as clean as a whistle. No matter how often you serve wine up a decanter will make sure that you always serve it to a high quality and without sediment.

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