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Beer Glasses

Beer glassware and special glasses for Ale, Lager and Craft Beers

Someone once said, “Drinking water is a waste of potential beer” it was probably someone famous.

Either way, they were completely correct. Of all of the inventions the human race has made over its vast existence, beer is by far the most impressive and enjoyable.
Why without beer we wouldn’t have a beer, and that is just unthinkable. When you drink beer though, you need a good quality glass to really enjoy it. Glasses aren’t always easy to come by and most people end up with poor selections that they stole from pubs. How can you enjoy your beer if you’re drinking it from something barely bigger than a shot glass or that hundreds of other people have used? Fortunately, you’re in the right place when it comes to getting the right beer glass for you.

We have an amazing selection of glasses, we have tall ones, steins, taster glasses we even have novelty glasses just to really mix things up. If you’re a fan of tasting different beers, and let’s be honest most people like to try a new one every now and again, we have a fantastic selection of tasting glasses each one coming with a different way of serving them up from paddles to an almost scientific test tube rack. Each one will give you the full tasting experience every time you feel like trying a new one. If you’re a real experimental soul then we have a wonderful layering set too. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you can have an awesome glass of layered beer to really impress people, although it will more likely impress your taste buds the most. Our layering tool kit doesn’t just come with the tools you need to layer your beers, but it comes with a top-quality pint glass as well. None of our sets will let you down in the drinking stakes. If you’re into big glasses for big drinks then our king can tall glass will really quench your thirst. Made with a special double-walled insulation system and holding a real gut filling 700ml of liquid not only will this glass keep your brew nice and frosty, but it will satisfy that big thirst you’ve managed to work up. It’s not just the tall glass that we have to quench big thirsts though, we have an amazing selection of steins for the more continental drinker. Perfect to hold a huge pouring and guaranteed to help you to drink away to your heart’s content our steins will never let you down. Just pour away and marvel at the large frothy head in your stein and then spend your evening drinking away.

If you’re not such a big drinker we have some wonderful quarter of a yard glasses to give you a good drink without filling you up too quickly. They even have their own wooden holders to make sure they stay upright, even if you’re not capable of it. Our novelty glasses are jaw-dropping too, what is better to drink from than a boot? How about a boot that hasn’t been on someone’s foot? Our perfectly sized boot-shaped glasses will give you the great old fashioned feeling of drinking from a boot without the disease that would normally be associated with such an act. We even have gift sets of different types of glasses for the drinker who likes to mix up their selections. Can’t decide between a lager, an ale or a stout? Don’t worry about it, just have one of each. If you buy this gift set you have the glasses for it. No matter what glass you choose from our amazing selection you won’t be let down by it.

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