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Yoga Equipment

Accessories to Improve Your Range of Motion

Zen Yoga Mats, Blocks and Accessories Made from 100% Natural Cork and Eco-Friendly Materials 

The largest UK range of Cork Yoga products with items such as Yoga blocks, Yoga wedges, cushions and mats. We also have all essential fitness mobility accessories to improve the range of motion that is very important for functional fitness. 

A selection of Yoga and mobility equipment by ZEN YOGA WEDGE “The art of a free mind” Cork products are a fantastic alternative to standard foam and plastic materials commonly used with fitness products. Cork is anti-fungal, anti-static, non-allergenic, biodegradable and anti-bacterial. Cork yoga bricks and blocks are made from 100% natural cork, an eco-friendly product that is locally sourced in Portugal. The raw materials used in our cork products are Eco-friendly and the production operates based on almost no waste: All of the cork leftovers are recycled to become raw material again.
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