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Gifts Tomorrow offers a massive range of high-quality outdoor coir doormats made from a natural coconut fibre which gives a classic doormat colouring. Household doormats are no longer just a functional item but are an excellent way to make a simple home design statement and can add some interest to a front door entrance. We have a variety of designs including fun jokes and famous slogans from TV.

Whatever your sense of humour, we have something that will make you chuckle. There are a number of phrases that go hand in hand with the job of a doormat. The first one is “make your first impression count” when people visit your house you want the first thing they see to be something that impresses them. Secondly, you have “never judge a book by its cover” because just because the doormat isn’t the best, it doesn’t mean the people who live there are bad people.
...However, why would you want your front cover to be a bad one? Surely, if you want to make a good first impression then you will make sure that your doormat makes one for you. It’s hard to get a good doormat these days though. They’re all boring, welcome to our home, please wipe your feet, the typical old cliches. Who wants that in the modern world? That’s why here at CKB we have collected the finest selection of funny doormats you will ever find. We have doormats that will let everyone know you’re a party animal. We have doormats that let everyone know you’re an animal lover. We have doormats for the pizza lover. We have doormats for the prosecco fan. Are you a beer lover? We have a doormat for that. We have doormats that show off your wicked sense of humour. We even have doormats that let visitors know that they’re welcome to visit, but not for long. Love wine? There’s a doormat for that. No matter what your passion in life is, we have something that will let you express it. Our doormats aren’t just for comedy value though. Each one is designed perfectly to not just do its job well but to last a long time too. With an upper made from hard-wearing coconut fibres, these doormats will be able to withstand even the most heavy-footed guest. Like Aunt Doris who wipes her feet for longer than she stays. It’s not just the doormat that is hard-wearing though, the paint used on these doormats is exterior paint. This means that it will stick to the coconut fibres a lot better than the usual dye used in doormats, as well as being able to withstand hard weather too. You won’t have to worry about your doormat being completely blank after two weeks with these doormats, or worse with half of the design gone. Your doormats can withstand being in the outdoors with no worries. If you want to keep them in the house though, they are perfect for that too. With a PVC rubber underside, these doormats are non-slip. You won’t have to worry about Lawsuit Larry coming round, because even when he takes a running jump at the doormat it won’t be going anywhere. If you want a top quality doormat that is going to give everyone who visits a good laugh, then we have the right selection for you. Funny and reliable, there isn’t a better combination of words when it comes to doormats and all of our doormats are exactly that. Our favourite doormats are the designs related to wine with our Prosecco Doormats proving to be our best-seller at the moment, but we also have Champagne and wine doormat designs available and are always adding new styles all the time. We offer you lots of different ways to welcome your guests and CKB Ltd also now stock pet-themed doormats including the classic “wipe your paws.”Free shipping on all order and all the designs you see on CKB Ltd are in stock and ready to send today.

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