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Wasp Catcher Trap Hanging Glass Bottle

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This amazing device will catch pesky insects whenever you attempt to enjoy a picnic. With an ingenious design that allows the insects in to sample the sweet bait inside, but stops them from being able to escape. You won’t have to worry about wasps and flies until you have finished, then you can just release them by removing the cork. It keeps your picnic insect free and is cruelty-free too!

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216 in stock

216 in stock

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Wasps. They're the bane of every picnic anyone has ever had in history. When the von Trapp children sat down to have a picnic, no matter how picturesque the scenery is, wasps were buzzing around causing trouble. Wasps will always be the uninvited guest that will ruin your afternoon, and stop you from proposing to your sweetheart. Until now that is. This wasp catcher is perfect to take the attention away from you and your array of sandwiches and sweet buns. With an ingenious design that allows insects to enter but makes it difficult for them to escape you won't have to worry about wasps buzzing down for a bite of your doughnut. Just fill the hanging honey pot with a bait of some kind, honey or sugar water, and it will be the only place that any insects in the area will want to go to. Just don't place it near a wasp nest or you might end up biting off more than you can chew. Once your picnic is over and done with you can just take the honey trap from where you hung it, remove the cork and the insects can easily escape from the bottle. Not only does this keep your picnic pest free and enjoyable, but it's humane too. There are no down sides to this at all, unless you enjoy wasps at your picnic. If you want to have an enjoyable picnic this summer, free from the hassle of wasps and flies then this honey trap is perfect to make sure that there are no uninvited guests at your picnic.


  • H17 x Diameter 11.5cm
  • Gift boxed - Packaged Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.6 x 18.5cm
  • Crafted in Glass
  • Traditional honey pot design
  • Wire handle for hanging and a Cork stopper


Whilst flying into the catcher through the hole in the bottom proves easy enough, the insects struggle to find the exit, remaining trapped until you empty it or take out the cork.


1. Choose your bait. A simple but effective bait is water mixed with a table spoon of sugar. Boil the water, dissolve the sugar into it, then let it cool and pour it into the trap.

2. Gardeners hoping to target wasps without luring bees and other helpful insects should consider using beer or a high-protein bait such as meat. Other ways to keep honeybees safe include hanging the trap far away from flowering plants and fruit trees.

3. Make sure the catcher is empty, then fill it with bait. Do this by removing the cork, and carefully pouring/placing the bait into the bottom reservoir, being careful not to overfill it or spill it out of the hole in the bottom.

4. Replace the cork.

5. Hang the catcher from a branch or hook well away from you and enjoy your garden free from pesky wasps!


Those wishing to release the insects after you've finished in the garden should bear in mind that you should be careful not to make them feel threatened while releasing them to avoid a nasty sting.

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Catching wasp and other insects such as bee and fly





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