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CKB LTD SpaceRail Perpetual Rollercoaster Glow In The Dark Level 4

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Cool marble run style self-perpetuating glow in the dark roller coaster , the Spacerail level 4 is a behemoth of a product. Giving you the ability to build up to five separate rails on your ball bearing roller coaster. You won’t know where to look as the ball bearings fly around the loops and twists in a never ending sequence. The Spacerail level 4 will keep you entertained, perpetually.

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153 in stock

153 in stock

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Roller coasters are one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. Offering you the ability to experience face morphing speed combined with the feeling of zero gravity there is nothing else like it, except maybe going into space. The ability to build your own roller coasters is something that most people desire, there have been plenty of video games dedicated to the subject after all. The Spacerail level 4 gives you the opportunity to not only build your dream roller coaster, but to build five of them all at once. This perpetual steel ball bearing roller coaster has the ability to house five tracks, each one a never ending maelstrom of loops and twists. The only thing missing from the kit is the ability to build a mobius strip. It doesn't end there either, the tracks are all glow in the dark as well. So when you turn out the lights you can watch your creation sending ball bearings around a luminous glow. If you get bored of your tracks you can simply take them apart and build yourself a brand new one. You can enjoy the process of building your perfect roller coaster and then you can relax as you watch it take in the never ending cavalcade of loops. It really is the entertainment device that just keeps on giving. If you like to build or if you feel at home watching a Newton's cradle, then the Spacerail will give you exactly what you desire.


This set is suitable for intermediate users.


  • Specifications Rail length: 26,000mm
  • Assembled size: 72 x 34 x 36cm Steel balls: 4pcs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate Level 4
  • Assembly time: 7-8 hours
  • Recommended for intermediate users
  • Requires: 1 x C cell battery (not included).
  • Please note: Re-chargeable batteries are not recommended for this product.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg




suitable for

Difficulty Intermediate





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