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Bar Amigos Champagne Pressure Stopper – Purple

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Introducing the Bar Amigos patented Champagne Pressure Stopper – it works by keeping the bubbles inside so your sparkling wine or champagne retains its fizz. You no longer have to pour that expensive bottle of bubbly down the sink. Simple to use and easy to store. Different from the other stoppers and bungs on the market, our stopper pumps air into the bottle which will give you far better results than suction. The lock-in pressure pump system is designed to keep the champagne’s bubbles inside to preserve the taste. Also can be used on Prosecco

800 in stock

800 in stock

800 in stock

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The purple Bar Amigos champagne stopper will preserve your bottle of bubbly for well over seven days - tests carried out in the product development phase showed that a bottle of sparkling wine could be saved for over two weeks.

This is well in excess of other stoppers in the market which only cap the bottle thus allowing the dissolved gas to escape, turning the product flat.
Our fabulous stopper works by securing down onto the bottle with the metal locking wings.
Once in place, you pump pressure directly into the bottle until the button is firm to press.
Great for storing unused sparkling wine like Prosecco or Champagne.
An essential item for pubs and restaurants to sell sparkling wine or champagne by the glass.
Our stopper features a numbered dial date reminder that you can turn to set to the date you capped it so you can remind yourself when you open the bottle next time.



Simply place the stopper on the bottle and close the metal wing locks to secure.
This stopper is designed to fit most Champagne / sparkling wine bottles.
Once locked in place, push the button down several times to pump air into the bottle until the button is stiff.
Your Champagne is now sealed with the correct amount of air pressure.
To release, simply place your hand over the cap and loosen the wing locks.

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