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Make Your Own Bottle Opener Kit Epoxy Resin Silicone Mould Set

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Let your creative side loose with our bottle opener Epoxy Resin mould kit. Stuck for a gift? With this kit, you will be able to make your own bottle opener gifts customised to suit their taste! Just take a look at our how-to guide with everything you will need to be able to create some fancy bottle openers! Perfect for Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Birthdays, or just as a gift.

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Bottle Opener Epoxy Resin Silicone Mould Set / Kit (Create Your Own)

Stuck for a Gift?
Finding a present for someone can be hard, but everyone likes a personal gift!
With this kit, you can make 5 different personalised bottle openers.
All you need is this kit, some Epoxy Resin, some decoration and some imagination.

This kit will help you create some stunning bottle openers, let your imagination run wild!

The silicone mould has a smooth inner surface that makes it easy to remove the resin when it is cured.
There is a hole at the top of each opener, to use with a keychain, or for hanging.
Reusable and easy to use.
The mould has 5 different bottle opener shapes and an extra bottle shape that can be added to your creation.

How to use the Bottle Opener Epoxy Resin Silicone Mould Set?

What You'll Need (not included):
Crystal clear Epoxy Resin (A +B).
A few Ice Lolly sticks.
2x Plastic measuring cups.
a Pair of disposable protective gloves.
Something to put into the resin mix. (eg glitter, dyes, beads, flowers, etc)

What is Included!
Bottle opener silicone mould.
10x screws.
6x metal bottle opener parts.

Step 1: Preparation.
Wash the silicone mould with soapy water, shake the excess water off and leave to dry.
Place newspaper or a protective sheet on your working table, in a ventilated area.

Step 2: Mix Your Epoxy Resin
Please wear gloves for this.
Decide how much liquid you will need.
Pour half the amount of liquid A you need into the plastic measuring cup. Followed by the same amount of liquid B.
Stir the 2 liquids for at least 60 seconds using one of the ice lolly sticks.
The liquid should have no streaks and be sure to mix all around inside the cup.

Step 3: Adding Decoration to the Epoxy Resin Mix
You can add pretty much anything to the mix, but nothing water-based, like food colouring. This is due to the Epoxy being oily and water does not mix with this and makes a horrible mess.
You can also add things to the mould after the liquid is poured into the mould if you like. But be careful you don't overfill it (allow for what you are adding). If you add to the mould after the Expoxy Resin, you will have up to about an hour for the mix to be liquid enough for it to level out and for any bubbles to rise to the top.

Step 4: Placing in Mould
Pour the Epoxy Resin into the mould(s) you are doing. It will level pretty well, so be sure you are on a level surface!
After it sets, you can place another layer of resin, until you're satisfied with the thickness.

Step 5: Cleaning Up
The best thing for this is waterless hand cleaner/cloths.

Step 6: Remove Your Openers from the Mould
Peel the mould from the dried out Expoxy Resin.

Step 7: Screw the Metal Openers to each Mould
When the resin is completely dry and solid, you can screw the openers into each mould.

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